With our inovative website, Sell your Beats online using our BeatsPlug player. This player will allow you to upload your music and provide an instant delivery of beats purchased by your customer. You can arrange your music in any order, set standard and automatic discounts, promote your music through social media and promote yourself.  It also comes with a Mobile Beat Store for FREE to every member which is automatically activated once you upload your first music track.
Sell Beats
Sell beats online to get heard.  Show that you mean business with your professional page.  Selling beats with constant emails is not the way to go anymore. Convenience is Key.  Meet someone new.  Tell them where to go.  YOUR BEATSPLUG PAGE.
Automatic Tags
Our site comes with our automatic tags that do not promote our page.  You can use our widget and put it on another site without our company brand.  Also, our automatic tags will protect you fro artists using your beats without permission.
Userfriendly Design
The site is very easy on the eyes.  From the BeatsPlug page to your own page.  It is very professional and will benefit you.
BeatsPlug Player
Our BeatsPlug player comes with a coupon, check out, and raiting sections.  It also comes social widgets so people can like them on social media.
Easy to Registration
To register, just go to our membership tab and select from our three options.  Review the below membership plans and select which one is best for your needs. Please insure your paypal account is active before signing up for a membership.
Beatsplug is a music producer marketplace for all types of producers. It offers a medium in which music producers can upload their music online safely. With this easy benefit, producers can sell, lease, and create relationships with other music artists.

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